Tailor-made formulation 

As a creator of formulas, our know-how is recognized and praised,  whatever may be your level of requirements we can fulfil your needs :

  • Standard formulas ready to be launched in the market.
  • Formulation and product development based upon a large stable texture database   adhering to high quality requirements.
  • Creation and development addressing specific requirements upon demand.
  • Formulation of specific ingredient tailor-made nano emulsions & liposomes.

Our services

  • Audit of industrial sites, we audit industrial sites upon request in order to validate their adherence to Best Production Practices and to allow you as responsible person, to conform to the rules and regulations.
  • Establishment of a quality control system, we help you to put in place a quality policy  in order to reach the level of  BPF required by the  July 2013 regulations.
  • Assistance in project development, as project facilitator, LaboBF can assist you with all stages of product development, from the marketing conception to the delivery. We become your long-term partner and support your development over time.


  • Cosmetic file PIF, calculation of toxic risk, non-irritation, stability, compatibility...
  • Validation of the adequacy and match of the formula with PIF: upon demand with a formula quanti/quali and a sample, we are able to validate the match between the two by performing a laboratory test.
  • Notification: we do the notifications for the formulas that we have created for you and can do so for formulas owned by you in your portfolio.
  • Regulations training and follow-up: LaboBF will routinely help you to apply the European regulations within your company. Moreover, we will send you a memo one or twice a year providing information about changes in European regulations.

« Full service »

Your ready for market product, from the marketing conception to delivery, and standard packaging proposals.

Medical features

Upon demand we can develop formulas featuring medical characteristics.